• 城堡 Castells


    导演:Blanca Camell Galí   编剧:Blanca Camell Galí

    主演:Carla Linares, Jaume Madaula Izquierdo, Jan Matheu Montserrat, Louis Séguin

      After breaking up with Boris, Lara returns to her hometown Barcelona. There, her friends, lovers and the Catalan traditions of the Castells will change her dreams and desires.

  • 狂怒十胜节 Dasara

    类型:剧情, 动作, 冒险

    导演:Srikanth Odhela   编剧:Srikanth Odhela

    主演:纳尼, 凯瑟瑞·苏雷什, Dheekshith Shetty, Shine Tom Chacko, 塞缪拉卡尼, Sai Kumar

      “Dasara” tells the tale of socio economic conditions, political ambitions and power struggles set against the backdrop of the Singareni coal mines in India’s Telengana state.

  • 借爱 Borrowed

    类型:剧情, 惊悚, 同性

    导演:Carlos Rafael Betancourt, Oscar Ernesto Ortega   编剧:Carlos Rafael Betancourt, Oscar Ernesto Ortega, Jim Kierstead

    主演:Jonathan Del Arco, Héctor Medina

      Borrowed tells the story of David, a reclusive artist living in the Florida keys. His private and tortured life is changed forever when Justin comes for a visit. Each gets more out of their time together than either could have imagined.

  • 夜蝴蝶 Moonlight Butterfly


    导演:霍埃尔·拉曼根   编剧:

    主演:Christine Bermas, Ivan Carapiet, Quinn Carrillo

      Master director Joel Lamangan tells the story of Eunice aka Moonlight Butterfly, the hottest GRO in Angeles, Pampanga and the three men in her life. She soon learns to play the game of lust and love in order to survive and provide for her family.

  • 小小电影院 Tiny Cinema


    导演:Tyler Cornack   编剧:Tyler Cornack, Ryan Koch, William Morean


      A mysterious stranger tells the twisted tale of seemingly unconnected strangers caught in a series of otherworldly events whose lives will change in incredible ways forever.

  • 碧瞳 Mắt biếc


    导演:武国越   编剧:A-Type Machine, 武国越

    主演:陈义, 阮竹英, 陈峰, 杜庆云

      A movie tells the one sided love story of young man - Ngan for his girlfriend from childhood - Halan

  • We Are Not Speaking the Same Language


    导演:Danika St-Laurent   编剧:


      Thinking back to the only phone call she had with her maternal grandmother, director Danika St-Laurenttells us about the connection she maintains with both her Aboriginal identity and her grandmother through bead work.

  • 英伦音乐剧 BBC The Story of Musicals

    类型:纪录片, 传记, 历史, 舞台艺术

    导演:Stephen Franklin   编剧:

    主演:Imelda Staunton, James Booth

      Series which tells how the British musical became a driving force behind musical theatre around the world - a tale of shows, daring, rivalries, talent and fortunes set in just a single square mile

  • 深井 Шынырау


    导演:Zhanabek Zhetiruov   编剧:Zhanabek Zhetiruov

    主演:Asylkhan Tolepov, Aizhan, Aldabek Shalbayev

      based on the story «The Well” by Abish Kekilbayev,It tells of the problems that matter to many people: rivalry, arrogance, love, friendship and treachery

  • 奥斯维辛集中营 Auschwitz

    类型:纪录片, 短片, 历史

    导演:James Moll   编剧:Lorna Graham


      Auschwitz is synonymous with the Holocaust, but it’s also a place on the map with a surprising history preceding World War II. Narrated by Meryl Streep, this short documentary tells the story of Auschwitz, from its construction to its infamy.